Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle

les paul guitar google doodle
Image property of Google.

For everybody who concluded that learning to play the guitar might be just a little bit too hard, well, perhaps Google can offer an alternative. In honor of Les Paul’s 96th birthday, the Internet giant made the Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle available.

All of us have probably seen a Google Doodle but I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge that they are actually called that way. So basically when you go to Google you see the company’s logo which is usually supplemented with some sort of image, illustration or – like in case of the Les Paul guitar Google Doodle – animation in reminiscence of noteworthy dates in history.

You can either mouse over the strings to make them ring or alternatively use the letters on your keyboard. The use of the keyboard is easier as the sequence of the letters is in ‘chromatic order’ – not the in alphabetic order, though, but in the way they are laid out on your keyboard. In other words, hit the keys “Q” to “C” and you will have an octave. The tool lets you record your own compositions and saved them automatically to a unique URL which you can then share with the world if you choose to do so.

A nice idea , simple but fun and certainly appropriate to honor the great Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar. Here is a link to the Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle. Have fun.


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