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Learn To Play Guitar Online With Ulrich Peise
Ulrich Peise: Guitar Teacher and Founder of GuitarIngenuity.com

Welcome on GuitarIngenuity.com, one of the leading online guitar websites. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a one-stop-shop experience when it comes to online guitar lessons, free video guitar tutorials, guitar gear and product reviews, news and whatever else you need around your favorite instrument. Allow me to introduce myself and then show you exactly how you can make the most efficient use of GuitarIngenuity.com.

My name is Dieter Ulrich Peise, I am a guitar teacher and founder of this website. I’ve been teaching guitar for over 20 years, with primary focus on guitar beginners. When I started out, the Internet was just slowly gaining more popularity and it didn’t even occur to me that in addition to teaching my students face-to-face lesson, I could also offer an online guitar course for beginners. A lot has changed since, the whole world has gone online, pretty much anything you want is now available somewhere on the Web. The same is true for an abundance of music lessons and ‘learn how to play guitar online’ courses.

Learn To Play Guitar OnlineHowever, despite all the benefits that came along, the products and services offered via the Internet can be challenging for a customer. That also applies to guitar lessons. There so many different programs out there and finding the right one for you can be very tricky – and worse, should you make the wrong choice it could cost you a lot of money and you still don’t get the results you deserve. To be clear, though; I am not trying to discredit other online guitar programs. But I carefully looked at many of them and I came across a number of common issues:

1. Costly; a lot of them ask for monthly subscription fees. That adds up quickly and before you even notice, you might have spent a couple hundred dollars. Plus, I’ve seen programs that make it very hard for you to cancel.
2. Format is not conducive to the guitar student’s needs; the new thing now is to provide 3 or 4-way split screens. That means you will see several things going on at the same time. This can be very effective, but only if you are an advanced player. It is complete nonsense for beginner guitar level students, because they just can’t follow that many things in parallel. I know that for a fact, because I have been teaching many guitar beginners. It ultimately lead me to the conclusion that many of those vendors never actually taught guitar and therefore don’t understand how a student feels when he’s just getting started.
3. No access to a real teacher; this is the biggest problem, no doubt! Here is how a lot of these online courses work: you pay (probably more than you should!) and get access to the course content. And as long as you don’t have any questions, you’re good. But here is the reality:

Guitar students have questions all the time! Many questions! And they need prompt guidance when they get stuck, otherwise they lose their motivation.

Now, when you look a little closer, some courses give you an email address where you can send your questions to. But then they CHARGE YOU EXTRA! With all due respect, that’s just ridiculous. And the argument that a guitar student shouldn’t have any questions at all if the course content and format is solid, is just not true. Guitar students have questions, no matter how good the materials are you provide them with. That is true for learning and education in general – as a student you will inevitably have questions and you need access to somebody who is competent and willing to answer them without asking you for additional money!

So here is what happened in 2012. After I was done with my research on all the popular ‘Guitar Lessons Online’ offers that I found, I decided it was time for a change. The goal was to take all the experience I had gained as a guitar teacher and design an online guitar program that is:

1. Comprehensive
2. Affordable  FREE of ANY Charge
3. With Full Access To Me As A Teacher – At No Extra Charge

Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners
Beginners Guitar Course

Well, the result of that was a lot of hard work and the creation of the Beginners Guitar Course. I knew I must have done something right when the first students who went through the program gave me overwhelmingly positive feedback. I encourage you to read up on some of the Beginners Guitar Course Reviews, you will notice that not only are my students extremely satisfied with the instructional guitar videos, worksheets, free online resources, etc., but they also highly value the fact that I am always there for them and answer any questions promptly. Very often, instead of sending them just an email, they get a personalized video response to their question. I know for a fact that this is always very much appreciated.

At this point I’m not going to go over all the things you get when you sign-up for my course. Since you just saw the video, you should now have a very good understanding of what I am going to provide you with if you choose me as your guitar teacher. But just to recap, the Beginners Guitar Course is ideal for folks who want to learn how to play the guitar online. My students are usually folks who either never tried to learn to play before, or who at some point in the past had picked up the guitar, but then gave up after they just got started. Tim, for example, is one of my students who tried several other online courses before he signed up and successfully completed my program. He told me that the structure of my course helped him to stay on course. He also told me that the small $69 one time payment was “the best $69 I had spent in quite some time”. Needless to say that I was humbled and flattered by Tim’s feedback. NOTE: the course used to be at $69, but has since become available completely FREE of charge!

Learn To Play Guitar Online

But back to the Beginners Course; in the first couple of lessons we talk about how to find the right guitar for you. Then we start with some general guitar basics, such as how to hold a guitar and how to tune your guitar. We then learn a few chords and simple playing techniques before we tackle our first beginner guitar song in Lesson 5. After that, we gradually add more guitar chords, songs and playing techniques. And when you are done with the program, you will have a rock solid basis, you will be in the position to rightfully call yourself a real guitar player and venture of from there to continue your guitar journey. Some of my students went on to learn more about jazz guitar or classical guitar, others found themselves more interested to broaden their blues and rock guitar skills. Anything is possible, but no matter what your ultimate goal is: all guitar players start out the same by learning all the basics. And that’s exactly what you will get when you sign-up for the Online Beginners Guitar Course.

Alright, now let’s talk about what else you can do here on GuitarIngenuity.com. Most of the content on this website is actually available to you completely free of charge. The only thing that comes with a price tag is the beginners course. However, I know for a fact that a lot of people land on my site because they are looking for things such as ‘free guitar lessons online’. It took me a while to realize that the vast majority of these folks are actually just looking for a free way to learn guitar chords and to play a bunch of easy songs they can learn in no time. Well, that inspired me to create the Guitar Chord Bank. It’s basically a growing list of all the most common and not so common guitar chords – and for each guitar chord you can click on a link that will open up a short high definition guitar video tutorial in which I explain in detail what you need to do with both of your hands to play that chord. Just look below and you’ll see how these videos are structured.

Most of the Guitar Chordbank videos are around one minute long. Access to this tool is absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is register an account, that’s it. And if there’s any chord that you don’t find on the list, send me an email and I will add it. The Chordbank is ideal for everybody who wants to learn a new guitar chord or just quickly refresh his memory. All the chords are just one click away.

So, what else is here. Well, how about all the free online guitar tutorials? There is a whole section where we just talk about anything from “How to clean a guitar” to “How to play ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele”. And of course, access to these tutorials is complete free, too. The same is true for the Guitar Blog which is divided into a bunch of useful categories, including “Guitar News”, “Guitar Gear Reviews”, “CD Reviews”, “Guitar Tricks” and many more. And yes, absolutely no charges for you to get access to this information.

Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Okay, I hope I was able to show you all the great things that you’ll find here on GuitarIngenuity.com. As you can see, the content here is very diverse and whether you just want to get yourself up to date on the latest guitar gossip or learn how to play acoustic guitar/electric guitar online, you’re in good hands here. You can always reach me by sending me an email. Any type of question is welcome, I will personally answer all of them – and I do it quickly. I’d be honored if you would sign-up with your own personalized GuitarIngenuity account – you will get access to the Guitar Chordbank and my monthly newsletter. As I said, it’s completely free and it will always be free.

Thank you for your time and your visit. I hope I will see you around. You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy strumming…….

Dieter Ulrich Peise
Founder, Teacher, Editor

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