Kurv Guitar – The Stringless Digital Air Guitar

Kurv GuitarAnyone for Air-Guitar? Nah? I didn’t think so. But what if I told you that you can play air-guitar and actually ‘produce’ sounds with it? Confusing, right? So, over the past couple of days, I’ve been reading a lot about the so called Kurv Guitar. Which is according to its inventors, a stringless digital guitar that allows anyone to learn and songs using motion, touch and gestures. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? No worries, I too didn’t get it at first.

Alright, so one step at a time. You know air-guitar. Now imagine you download an app onto your phone. You then use the two Kurv devices which are a guitar pick and a touch pad that has eight pressure sensitive sections – the whole thing fits right into your palm of your playing hand. The significance of “eight” is obvious: eight notes per octave, eight notes per scale and eight chords per key. Both, pick and touch-pad are connected via blue-toot to the app on your phone, to which you can connect headphones and/or speakers.

All that’s left to do now it to ‘play’ the Kurv stringless guitar. The touchpad will react to the motion and pressure of your fingers. The plectrum is sensitive to how ‘hard’ you strum your imaginary strings. Also, the Kurv picks up on gestures you make and reacts accordingly (switch from single not playing to chords, intensity of sound, etc.).

Kurv digital guitar

The Kurv air-guitar got quite a lot of media coverage lately. The good people behind the invention explained that the idea was to skip all the undeniable struggles everybody deals with when learning to play the guitar – so instead of hurting fingers, strings that get inadvertently muted and bar-chords that seem so challenging that even the most ambitious guitar starter is ready to call it quits, the Kurv guitar allows you to jam along with 60 hit songs across a broad variety of genres. And yes, you can use the Kurv for playing acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

I the whole thing still seems a little bit abstract to you, then check out the Kurv Guitar kickstarter page. There are a bunch of videos and pictures that explain the whole thing in more detail.

Not surprisingly, this air guitar without strings, has its critics. Now, while I haven’t had the opportunity to test the Kurv – nor am I particularly interested to do so, quite frankly – I believe this device should be seen as for what it is: a fun toy that some people might enjoy a lot. However, the premise of this being the solution for not having to actually practice guitar is outright ridiculous. Which is true for any ‘invention’ that promises equally absurd revolutionary methods, systems or tools.

I have nothing against the Kurv air-guitar thing, to be clear here. I want you to follow the link I provided above and check out the details – and by all means, support those guys if you believe in their concept. It could be something of interest to you, who knows. But if you’re already a guitar player, chances are you won’t swab your beloved axes for a stringless digital guitar, I would hope.

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