Kirk Hammet On Metallica Firing Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich Fired From MetallicaThese are the headlines I woke up to: “Kirk Hammet Confirms Metallica Considering Firing Lars Ulrich”. Oh Lord. Well, I guess that’s the liberty you have as a writer. Using ‘present-tense’ where ‘past-tense’ would have been more accurate, or at least, less misleading to the reader.

Well, after reading the actual article on, it turns out were talking about some old rumors or statement, where at some point in the mid-eighties, somebody must have said something to someone….blabla. Reportedly, Hammet and the rest of the gang were pissed at Lars and might have made a comment to Scott Ian. Or more specifically, the late Cliff Burton allegedly said something to Ian who then went on to talk about it more publicly.

Whatever, while I’m not the biggest Metallica fan but someone who ‘likes’ them and their music, I was quite shocked when reading the articles header. Good thing, as it turns out, we’re just talking about some old stories that for some reason got warmed-up again. Whatever that reason may be…

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