Keith Richards Not To Join Mick Jagger On SNL Season Finale

I took me a while to get hooked up on SNL, but Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are brilliant and now I watch it regularly, but not religiously. And this coming Saturday, May 19, 2012 which will also be the Season Finale, Mr. Mick Jagger himself will bless the show and the audience with both, hosting and performing at the event. And this is not the first time Mick joined the infamous cast, here’s a short video of a previous appearance:

So, that of course triggered some rumors about Keith Richards maybe joining his frontman for the gig in New York City, after all, Keith Richards lives close by in Connecticut. However, Richards stated in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, that there is no such plan. Mick’s going do it all by himself. Well, actually, he’s not alone. The Foo Fighters, Jeff Beck and Arcade Fire (no idea who that is…) are there too to contribute musically.

Keith Richards also commented on their 50 years anniversary tour which is planned for 2013 and not as initially assumed this year. Richards clarified, that Charlie Watts didn’t join the band until January 1963, so that’s why the big World Tour is planned for next year.


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