KADAVAR AlbumKADAVAR by KADAVAR was my first album from this band. And what a great surprise it was. I had them on my radar screen for quite a while but I’m glad that I finally went ahead and got myself the band’s highly acclaimed debut record.

As usual, I’m a little bit late to the game. But better late than never, right? Anyway, KADAVAR was released back in 2012 on Nuclear Blast. As far as KADAVAR’s sound is concerned, it’s really hard to describe in a way. While everything sounds familiar, they do have a very unique way as far as the structure and performance of their material is concerned. Yes, it does sound retro, 70ies-ish if you will, but it wouldn’t be adequate to confine their music to just this one attribute.

To make things simple, and while I’m not a friend of these categorizations, I do feel somewhat comfortable with how KADAVAR is associated with the Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock or simply Hard Rock genres. I guess you could say it’s a fusion of these sub-genres, combined with a few other elements. The press and media also like to label them as an Occult-Rock band, but based on several interviews I read, the band does categorically object to this notion. But ironically, even their own record label hasn’t acknowledged that yet, but I guess that’s just for marketing purposes and to cater a certain clientele.

But let’s go back to KADAVAR’s music. If you like bands such as Orchid, Graveyard, Asteroid and anything else authentic Hard-Rock, KADAVAR is something you need to check out. The record is loaded with heavy riffs, embedded in intelligently crafted song arrangements, featuring tons of tempo and theme changes. But at its core, it’s straight forward, raw, earthy and authentic Rock and Roll. Just the way I love it.

Here is the KADAVAR track list:

1. All our thoughts
2. Black Sun
3. Forgotten Past
4. Goddess of Dawn
5. Creature of the Demon
6. Purple Sage (Theremin – Shazzula)

The band is from Berlin, Germany and typically go by their stage-names: Mammut (bass), Tiger (drums) and Lindemann (vocals and guitar). The guys also released two additional full studio albums, namely ‘Abra KADAVAR’ and ‘Berlin’.

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