Justin Bieber Guitar Up For Grabs

GuitarIngenuity_NewsNo, as far as I know, Justin Bieber has not yet developed or marketed a guitar under his name. However, there is an opportunity for all fans to enter a contest and, keep the fingers crossed and hope to win a Justin Bieber Guitar – or in other words, a guitar singed by Mr. Bieber (does anybody ever actually call him Mr. Bieber?…) Anyway, for all admirers who want to learn more around the contest and how to enter, please visit idolator.com. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more specific details around the actual instrument, so I wouldn’t know the brand, etc. Based on the pictures I saw, it seems to be a regular Western Guitar. However, I have my doubts that this will actually be a serious concern of anyone who seeks to win the contest. As long as Mr. Bieber signs it, I am sure it will be appreciated and loved by whoever the lucky one is going to get it eventually. Good luck!

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