Joe Walsh Biography In The Works

Joe Walsh MemoirsAfter 50 years of in the music business, it’s reasonable to assume that Joe Walsh has a couple of good stories to share. He recently revealed in an interview that he is working on his auto-biography, which should be a good one, considering Walsh’s endeavors with Barnstorm, James Gang and of course, the Eagles.

While talking to Billboard magazine, Walsh said that he’s been working on his – I guess you could call them memoirs – for about a year. Without going into too much detail, the guitarist mentioned that the book will feature everything from his own memories, stories shared by others of he supposedly did and tons of good humor. Well, that might be debatable, because as the interview continues, Walsh did say that he could potentially make more money from some people if he left them out of the book; I guess not everybody will be favorably mentioned, or, might be subject to a certain degree of unwanted exposure. Anyway, it will be interesting, that’s for sure.

When asked by when he thinks he’ll be done writing, Walsh – unsurprisingly – said that he wouldn’t know. He’s about to go out on tour while in parallel working on his next studio album.

As for the title of the Joe Walsh autobiography, it’s all speculation at this point. However, as Dave Lifton points out in, “Life’s Been Good” is the only plausible option, isn’t it?

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