Joe Satriani and Sammay Hagar In The Studio

Sammy Hagar Joe SatrianiWill there be a new Chickenfoot album soon? Who knows, but rumor has it that that Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani are back in the studio together, albeit to prepare for Joe’s upcoming world tour in support of his new CD. According to Hagar, it was a great opportunity to mess around a little bit and see if there’s anything that “tastes like chicken”.

Chickenfoot fans have been waiting a long time. The last album came out four years ago. And while all band members independently stated numerous times that they are interested in re-joining forces to produce new material, schedules and logistics have been a roadblock most of the time. Not really a surprise considering that aside from Satriani and Hagar, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith have been busy with their own projects, too.

However, as far as committing to a new album is concerned; Hagar also cites the costs associated with the production of a new record as a considerable problem. With that being said, he’s eager to get the boys back together and just play a few gigs to restart the engine – and who knows, something more may come out of it in the near future.

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