Jimmy Page Working On New Solo Album For 2016 Release

Jimmy Page New Solo Album In 2016It’s been quite a while since Jimmy Page released his last solo album. I’m not one for keeping track of dates, but if my memory serves me correctly, his most recent record, “Outrider”, was back in 1988. So, good news for all Page fans – in 2016, according to him, he will be focusing on “working on the guitar”. He feels that it’s about time to get going again, now that everything is wrapped-up regarding his efforts on Led Zeppelin’s Re-Issue series.

Page is not ready to share any concrete details at this point, because he just got started around scoping out the initial framework. However, with that being said, he is determined to make it something special and unique. Pointing out that he’s known for covering a broad variety of guitar and music styles, he’ll set out to produce a wide-ranging and diverse album.

Which now begs the question: who else will be joining him in the studio? Specifically, who will get hired for the vocals? J.P., however, responded that he’s not given that any thought yet, as everything is in an early stage. As a matter of fact, based on Page’s comment in a recent interview, the fans might be in for a special treat – meaning, an all instrumental record. But we shall see as things evolve over the next few months.

Which leaves us with another question: does that mean that Jimmy will be performing live again any time soon? Well, again it seems premature to ask. While he stated he’d definitely like to breathe in some stage air again, it won’t be, if at all, before next year. “I’ve got ideas but I want to wait to see what happens”, so his rather indifferent answer to that.

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