Jimmy Page – Jimmy Page’s Firm live in Los Angeles 1985

Jimmy Page Without Led Zeppelin
My copy of Jimmy Page – Jimmy Page’s Firm

Yes, this is a bootleg and when I bought this CD some 20 years ago or so I didn’t care much about whether I was getting a legitimate recording or an illegal copy. Actually, I’m pretty certain that back then I didn’t even realize that “Jimmy Page’s Firm Live in LA” was a bootleg. Even though there are many obvious pointers, such as the subtitle, because it says: “Recorder live in Los Angeles during 1985 tour” and a couple of other things like the label stamp which reads: “Made in Italy by Virginailand”.

Anyway, I hope Jimmy Page and the gang will forgive me, I didn’t know better when I was young and innocent. But just to be very clear here, even though I do have a number of bootlegs by several artists, I do disdain illegally made copies. When the whole Metallica thing went down and Lars Ulrich got a lot of heat from the fans for speaking his mind on bootlegs, I realized that it’s simply wrong. The fact of the matter is, this is the product of somebody else and if I want it I should pay for it, it is as simple as that.

Back to this CD. Like many of my friends I got heavily into Led Zeppelin once I started to develop a real interest in music and guitars. To this day I love Jimmy Page’s guitar playing, even though I think that I view his “wizardry” differently as I did back then. So it was only natural that I wanted to know what he did post Led Zeppelin and if my memory serves me correctly, this live gig taped during The Firm’s 1985 tour was my first encounter with Page’s work after the Zep era.

Page After Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page’s Firm Live In Los Angeles, 1985

Here is the track list of Jimmy Page’s Firm Live In Los Angeles 1985:

1. Closer, 4:06
2. City Sirens, 4:34
3. Make Up Or Break Up, 5:03
4. Morning After, 4:21
5. Together, 4:58
6. Long Black Cadillac, 5:18
7. Prelude, 1:56
8. Money Can’t Buy, 4:01
9. Radioactive, 3:56
10. Live In Peace, 5:44
11. Midnight Moonlight, 11:02
12. Lovin’ Feelin’, 4:34
13. Full Circle, 4:50
14. Boogie Mama, 6:31
15. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, 7:36

Well, what can I say, when I bought this album, I probably listened to it once or twice. I remember that I was kind of bummed out. Naively, I had expected a seamless continuation of the Led Zeppelin sound, and therefore set myself up for disappointment. However, a long time has passed since and listening to it now, I must say that I actually like Page’s guitar sound and playing, Paul Rodger’s vocals, Chris Slade’s drums and Tony Franklin’s bass. I don’t think I could ever really embrace it as much as I do Led Zeppelin, but I can definitely appreciate what The Firm “staff” produced here. The sound quality is very good and the tracks cover everything from slow ballads to modern hard rock. The album is still available through a number of source, however, because it’s a bootleg and for the reasons I mentioned earlier, I will not share any links here.


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