Is Ozzy Working On A New Album?

Ozzy Working On New AlbumNews came in today that Ozzy is working on a new album. Wow, the man’s been busy! Also, this is especially interesting since the fan community is still trying to figure what Black Sabbath’s move is going to be. The drama between Ozzy and drummer Bill Ward remains a problem and as of recently, reconciliation seems not to be something that is being considered by either party. I still feel Ozzy and Bill should get together in a room (alone!) with case of Diet Coke and talk it out. But nobody listens to me…

Anyway, back to Ozzy and his next solo project. To be clear, Ozzy himself did not confirm the news yet. But according to, the president of his label Epic Records, did mention to Billboard, that the madman is working on something “really special”. Something he always wanted to do (I hope it’s not a Christmas album….).

In the meantime, live gigs are being scheduled. Initially, for Black Sabbath, but because of the aforementioned situation, it seems that we know will see an “Ozzy and Friends” performance. Reportedly, Geezer will pummel the bass, and the guitar work will be a shared effort between Zakk Wylde, Dave Navarro and Tom Morello. Oh well, then. Oh, and some smaller shows will feature guest appearances from Slash.

Well, one thing nobody can blame Ozzy for is laziness. At least not when it comes to performing live. So, let’s just hope that Bill joins Sabbath again before they embark on their last final album/tour, and everybody will be happy!

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