Is It Easy To Play Guitar?

Is It Easy To Play Guitar?
Is It Easy To Play Guitar?

Well, that’s a very general question. In the video below I make a reference to the questions: Is it easy to drive a car? There is just no general answer; it all depends on the perspective. Some will say yes, others will say, no, not at all. Before we dwell a little deeper, we need to first talk about expectations when we look into the question: is it easy to play the guitar? As just mentioned, here is a quick video where I talk about some of the basic aspects that we need to elaborate on a little bit before we move on.

So, what do you want to get out of it when you talk about playing the guitar and whether or not it’s easy? Do you just want to learn a bunch of chords and a couple of songs? Do you care about whether or not your playing sounds good? It’s all a matter of understanding your expectations. If you want to keep things simple and if you are not really interested in learning the instrument properly, then the answer could be as simple as a short: Yes.

However, most of us have at least the intention of REALLY learning how to play, meaning learning from scratch everything you need to handle the instrument in way that whatever you end up playing actually sounds like music. In that case, and it that’s your objective, I am inclined to give you this answer: It is probably much harder than you think. The fact of the matter is, most guitar students give up because their motivation was not as strong as they thought or they realize that dedicating enough time to practice is something they are unable or unwilling to do. This is not me blaming, this is just telling the facts based on my experience as a long time guitar teacher.

So, with that being said, I’d like to end this post on a positive note. A guitar beginner nowadays has it much easier compared to 10 years ago. The Internet made things easier. It’s easy to just Google a guitar video tutorial and play along. When I started learning to play the guitar, VHS was state of the art and we had no access to video guitar courses. Also, when you take a good Beginners Guitar Course, you can learn at your own pace, you pay only a fraction of what you would have to pay a guitar teacher in a live session and you can learn in the comfort of your home. All things considered, yes, at least these days with all the resources available at your fingertips, I guess the answer could be: yes it is easy to play the guitar. But then again, are you motivated enough? Well, I hope so.


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