How To Use A Guitar Foot Rest

Using A Guitar Foot StoolI never used a guitar foot rest, or some call it a guitar foot stool, up until very recently. I got myself a classical guitar after my old one got lost when I relocated from Germany to the USA. It kind of never really occurred to me why I would need such a device but maybe I’m just getting older – anyway, the truth of the matter is, when I started practicing with my new classical guitar my back started to hurt which of course did impact my concentration and forced me to keep my sessions much shorter than intended. So I decided just to get myself one of those guitar foot rests to give it a try. Well, what can I tell you, I am very happy that I did.

Essentially, a guitar foot stool has the purpose of elevating your foot/leg so you can comfortably hold your instrument without twisting or bending your back. It’s that simple, but it does have a huge impact. In the video below I explain in more detail what a guitar foot rest is and how to use it:

It is amazing how a little guitar accessory like that can make such an incredible change in the way I can practice now. There is no more twitching in my back and I can keep up my focus longer on the task. Of course, there are situations when you don’t need a guitar foot rest, but especially when it comes to practicing or recording I wouldn’t want to miss my little helper ever again. You can get very solid devices for under $15 so in my opinion it is well worth the investment. I do however suggest that you get yourself a model that allows you to adjust the position, or to be more precise, the level of elevation. Because you might be sitting in all different kind of chairs, and they all have different heights, therefore, you want to adjust the height of your footrest accordingly.

I can see why some guitarists prefer to have models that are not adjustable – those are usually sturdier and often heavier. But they are also less convenient when you think about transportation and the fact that you can’t adjust their height.

In case you are interested, here is a link to my The On Stage Guitar FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest Review. I can only highly recommend this model and it actually costs you less than $10.


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