How To Remove Guitar Strings

Alright, my method to remove guitar strings might be a little bit unconventional, but so what, it works very well. Admittedly, there are many other ways but that’s how I’ve been doing it all the years since I’ve been playing. Here is a video that describes everything in detail. Just a heads up, I am not really happy with the way the video turned out as the angle is not optimal – I will have to redo it a couple of weeks when it’s time to change to a new set of strings again. However, you will still see all the relevant steps in this one:

Here is the process step by step

1. Loosen all strings until they are really wobbly to reduce the tension
2. Carefully clip all the strings
3. Remove the stings from the tuning keys as shown in the video
4. Remove the strings from the bridge as shown in the video

If you are doing this for the first time, be extra careful. I poked myself many times in the beginning and that’s the main reason why I am not using a wrench instead of just my fingers.

I’ve been using this method for many years, however, there are obviously many other ways that work just equally well. One school of thought suggests that it is actually very important that you keep the removal of the strings in a certain order – the idea behind that is that this would protect the guitar’s neck. I personally don’t see it that way, however, I will say that I do believe that it is important to loosen all strings.


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