How To Put On Guitar Straps On Acoustic And Electric Guitars

strap for guitarIt is a seemingly trivial question: How do guitar straps attach to guitars? But the fact is, there is actually more than meets the eye. And especially if you are a guitar beginner, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you make a decision as to what type of strap you want for your guitar.

Let me start off with a rather general remark, which is also – at least in my opinion – the single most important aspect when it comes to what type of guitar strap you need: no matter what color, width, texture, pattern or material you go for, make sure it comes with a security lock. Otherwise, you will inevitable end up in a situation where you put yourself at risk of damaging or even destroying your instrument. Before we go into a couple more relevant details, here is a short video I put together for you that not only explains how to attach a strap on an acoustic guitar or electric guitar, but also shows you exactly what the difference is between a strap with and without a security lock.

What are the different types of guitar straps?

As mentioned, broadly speaking, there are those that come with a security lock and there others that don’t have that feature. For reasons that I just explained in the video, I strongly advise you to get yourself a cool guitar strap that has a security latch.

Then, of course, there are differences in the material. Probably more durable and longer lasting are the versions made of synthetics, such as polyester. However, there is certainly something to be said for leather guitar straps – ultimately, though I don’t think there is that big of a difference. It comes down to your personal preference, either one is fine as long as it comes with a…..well, you know what.

Is there a difference between an electric and acoustic guitar strap?

No, you can attach any kind of strap to any kind of guitar – well, as long as your guitar is prepared for a strap. If your guitar doesn’t come with strap locks, then you can purchase and install them separately. I haven’t done that yet, but at some point I will look into it and then share my findings with you.

How much do I have to pay for a decent product?

Not much. Unless you go for one of those vintage guitar straps that are custom made. Then of course it’s a completely different story. However, any regular version such as the one I showed you in my video is available for just around $10. Those work perfectly fine for me, I never had any issue. I personally don’t care to much about looks and stuff like that, as long as the product serves its purpose. Either way, even if you go a little fancy here, I don’t think there is a need to go over $25 unless you want something really special or unique.

Alright, I hope we have everything covered regarding how do guitar straps attach to guitars. If not, just email me and I’d look forward to chat with you.

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