How To Play What Makes You Beautiful On Guitar

What Makes You So Beautiful Guitar Chords
How To Play What Makes You So Beautiful On Guitar

Did you know I originally auditioned to become a One Direction band member? But they told me something about being too old and not having “the looks”. Pfffff….

Anyway, today we are going to learn a very easy version of how to play What Makes You Beautiful on guitar. Now, as I had mentioned in the guitar video tutorial below, it is not 100% accurate. I on purpose kept things very simple, meaning we leave our guitar in standard tuning and we also don’t need a capo. That’s usually what you request me to do and I thought that for this particular song we can actually do that without compromising it too much.

The guitar chords you need for What Makes You Beautiful are very simple. It’s an E-Major, and A-Major and a B-Chord which I slightly modified to make it a little easier for those of you who don’t know how to play it. Don’t worry, just follow the instructions in the video and you will learn this slightly modified version of the B-Chord in no time, I promise.

As explained in the tutorial, ideally I would like you to mute the strings each time after you played a chord. This is ‘staccato’ rhythm is one of the main characteristics of the song. However, I do understand that it might be a little bit too advanced for some of you. So in case you struggle with that, just let the chords and strings ring freely as you start out practicing, but later on, after you are comfortable with changing from chord to chord, you should give it a shot and practice the muting of the strings.

Alright, if you struggle with any of the chords, sign-up for the Guitar Chordbank. It’s free of charge and you will get access to dozens of chord video. It will take you literally seconds to look up a chord and learn everything very fast. But if you finally decided to REALLY learn how to play the guitar, then the Beginners Guitar Course might be right for you.


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