How To Play ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ On Guitar – Beginner Version

Oh Christmas Tree guitar ChordsThis was probably the first Christmas carol I learned as a child back in Germany. Of course, over there it’s called ‘Oh Tannenbaum’. Anyway, I thought the time is right to do a video tutorial on how to play ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ on guitar. To be more specific, a beginner version with easy chords that anyone can learn in a very short amount of time.

So, the guitar chords we need for ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ are a C-Major, G-Major and a D7. If you struggle with any of these chords or if you don’t know them at all, click here to access my free Guitar chordbank. From there, you just select the respective chord and a video will pop-up wherein I teach you within a minute everything you need to know. Now speaking of chords, what we do today is the super easy version – there are admittedly more advanced alternatives out there, but for those you would have to be familiar with more sophisticated playing techniques and chords.

Unfortunately, as always, in this video tutorial I was yet again able to prove to the world that I’m the worst singer on this planet. And the only reason why I hum or sing at all in my lessons, is for you to follow along with the melody. However, in order to do that even more effectively, please download and print out the worksheet I prepared for you with all the ‘How To Play O Christmas Tree On guitar’ guitar chords and lyrics. Keep the sheet handy as you watch the video lesson, and then everything should become clear.

As for the strumming, there is a little wrinkle. The cadence of the song (or the line of the melody, if you will), doesn’t lend itself to use a steady rhythmic strumming pattern, other than playing simple down-strokes. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but for a guitar beginner, I think using this straight-forward down-stroke patter as I demonstrated in the video makes the most sense. For those of you who are a little bit more advanced, you can certainly try to play around with some picking techniques as I briefly alluded to in the tutorial.

Also, feel free to use the capo in any position on your guitar (or no capo at all) in case you want to play around with different keys. As usual, the use of a metronome can be very helpful when practicing and playing ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ on guitar.

If you have any questions, as usual, leave a comment below.

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