How To Play ‘O’ Come All Ye Faithful’ On Guitar – Beginner Guitar Version

How To Play All Come All ye Faithful On GuitarI always wanted to do a video lesson on ‘How To Play O’ Come All Ye Faithful’ on guitar. So I finally got around putting something together for you which is admittedly a simplified version. If you will, we can all it “‘O Come All Ye Faithful Guitar Chords For Beginners”. How about that?

Well, if you already watched the video lesson then you’re probably eager to get your hands on the worksheet that comes along with it. After all, by now your ears are probably bleeding because of my singing (if we can even call it that…). Anyway, it’s definitely a good idea to download and print-out the worksheet because I arranged all the chords and lyrics for this tune for you, so that the whole thing becomes a little bit more digest-able. The best way to learn to play O Come All You Faithful on guitar is by watching the video lesson along with the worksheet. It also shows the chord diagrams.

Now, speaking of chords, as usual, if you encounter any challenges at all or if you simply don’t know how to play a certain chord, just make a quick pit-stop over at the Guitar Chordbank. Then just click on the chord of your choice and I explain what you need to do with both of your hands. If that’s not detailed enough, then visit the Beginners Guitar Course where we go into much more detail. Both resources are of course complete free and don’t require registration or membership.

So, as I had mentioned, I kind of transposed a version of this Christmas Carol that I found online. Of course, this song can be played with different chords in different keys, but as I said, my goal was to keep things as simple as possible for you. So for this version, here are the guitar chords to O’Come All Ye Faithful:

C-Major, G-Major, A-Major, E-Minor and D-Major.

Okay, let’s talk about the strumming pattern. That could be a little bit of a challenge, because of the frequent and quick chord changes. Therefore, it would be my suggestion – and as demonstrated in the video tutorial – to keep things straight forward, meaning you should use simple down-strokes. What’s very important though is that you keep a steady rhythmic pattern. You should be using a metronome to practice, but definitely start out very slowly, otherwise the chord changes might get a little bit overwhelming.

That’s it for today. Again, the purpose of this tutorial was to provide you with an easy to learn beginner guitar chord version of “O’ Come All Ye Faithful”. Once you feel comfortable playing this, you can move on to more sophisticated alternatives.

If you have any questions with regard to this tutorial or guitar in general, please leave a comment below.

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