How To Play ‘Hello’ By Adele On Guitar – Easy Beginner Guitar Tutorial

Hello Adele Guitar ChordsToday we will learn how to play ‘Hello’ by Adele on guitar. In this particular lesson, we will cover a version that I developed for guitar beginners, in other words a super easy “Hello by Adele Guitar Tutorial”. While this is not necessarily my preferred genre, the fact remains that I acknowledge that this lady can sign and further to that, I actually like the song a lot.

Also, I realize that there already a whole bunch of guitar video tutorials of this tune out there online, but as I just said, this version is for guitar beginners. We will actually cheat a little bit today and substitute one of the more complicated chords, namely the B-Minor, with a D-Major. Sounds strange, but fortunately it does work in this song. However, I just wanted to acknowledge that it might not be 100% accurate, but nonetheless, most people won’t even notice.

Alright, what guitar chords do we need for ‘Hello’ by Adele? We only need four of them: E-Minor, D-Major, G-Major and C-Major. If you don’t know how to play any of these tutorials, please check out the Guitar Chordbank. We also do need a Capo in the first fret. As I mentioned in the video tutorial, you may choose not to use a Capo, however, that means you would be in the wrong key and therefore not be able to play along with the original. For that reason, I strongly recommend that you use the Capo, because only then you’ll be able to play ‘Hello’ on guitar along with Adele singing.

Here is a link to a worksheet with the lyrics and guitar chords for Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Hello Adele Worksheet

I also would like to point out that the rhythm is obviously an important aspect when playing this song. But for this lesson, I decided not to go into any specific details in order to keep things as simple as possible.

I hope this was helpful. I you have any further questions on how to play ‘Hello’ by Adele on guitar, then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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