How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar
How To Play Happy Birthday On Guitar

There are a few lessons in life everybody has to go through. One of which is to learn how to play Happy Birthday on guitar. If your friends and family know that you play the instrument, they will automatically assume that you can play this song upon request at any time. Which is not completely unreasonable, it could be much worse, like for instance somebody asking you to play Bach’s Goldberg Variations which is slightly more challenging I suppose. All kidding aside, learning how to play Happy Birthday on guitar is not that complicated and can be easily accomplished, even if you have very little knowledge and experience with the instrument.

Here is a video and I will show you everything step by step. Practice this 5-10 minutes a couple of days in a row and you can show off at the next party:

Obviously, there are hundreds of different ways to play this tune and I came up with this particular version because I thought it is reasonably easy as it only involves two strings. But again, I encourage you to trying to play this song in different positions. As you do that, you just need to be careful as depending on which strings and frets you play the notes in, the finger position may differ. However, this is a good exercise to train your hearing and figuring out single notes on your guitar, which is an excellent prelude to learning guitar scales.

As I said in the video, of course you can learn how to play Happy Birthday by using one string only, but that’s kind of lame and will immediately out you as somebody who doesn’t now what he’s doing. Using the approach demonstrated in the video, or a similar one, on the other hand makes people believe you’re a guitar hero. Well, kind of.


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