How To Play Guitar During Brain Surgery

Playing Guitar While Undergoing Surgery
Brad Carter, A Parkinson’s Patient, Playing His Guitar During Brain Surgery – Image Courtesy of UCLA Health

Yes, you read that right! I thought since I already covered a whole host of guitar tutorials a la “How to do this and that on guitar”, why not doing something that is…well, let’s say rather unique for the lack of a better term. And you never know, at some point in your life you might take comfort in knowing that you don’t need to take a break from practice your favorite instrument even if you’re scheduled for brain surgery.

Brad Carter is living proof that it’s possible to do a number of things while surgeons cut your skull open to implant an electronic device, including happily singing along and plucking away a couple of his own guitar compositions. Mr. Carter is only in his thirties, but because he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he and his doctors decided to take the risk and do brain surgery in an attempt to counteract the symptoms . Well, and as you can see in the video, it seems like they were successful. The shaking of his hands is gone now; he can write, hold a cup of water and most importantly play his guitar. Amazing!


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