How To Play Don’t Stop Believin By Journey On Guitar

Okay, I put another little tutorial together to cover the question: How to play ‘Don’t stop believin’ by Journey on guitar. We will focus on the chords only and skip the solo for now. The chords you need for this song are:

E-Major, B-Major, C#-Minor, A-major, Ab-Minor. Just watch the video and then it should be clear. One quick word to the B-Major chord – there are a whole bunch of different ways to play this chord (which I guess is true for all chords..) but I personally prefer to play it the way I described in the video. I you feel comfortable to play it differently, that’s perfectly okay, too.

If you are fairly new to the guitar, you will probably feel that there are way too many bar chords in this song – however, I encourage you to give it a shot. This is actually a really good exercise to get familiar with bar chords and how to use them when you play along with a song. Start out slow and then gradually increase the pace.

When you use a picking, play ‘real chords’ and not power chords, because it’s important to hear the difference of playing a Major or a Minor chord – when you use power chords only, then it (usually) doesn’t matter.


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