How To Play ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ by The Kooks On Guitar

Alright, below is a two part video series in which I show you how to play ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ by The Kooks on guitar. To be more clear, we’re talking about a tutorial on the acoustic version played by their lead singer Luke Pritchard which you can see here.

In the first video we are covering the chords you need for this piece, the structure of this song and how you can practice each element separately before you then combine them to play the whole song together. In the second video we talk specifically about the strumming pattern for how to play ‘Always Where I Need To Be’.

I don’t consider this tutorial necessarily a Beginner lesson, because there is some slightly advanced stuff going on. However, it’s really not too complicated and with a little bit of practice and the right attitude, you will be able to learn this catchy tune in no time.
The tricky part here is the strumming and to make the piece sound ‘lively’. This is hard to cover in a tutorial – so what you see in the two videos is merely a framework to get you started.

As mentioned, to keep things simple and straight forward, I strongly suggest to use the same strumming pattern throughout the whole song. Once you feel comfortable doing that, you can add all the different little nuances to make the whole thing a bit more ‘natural’.

Start out slow. Try to play along with me, I on purpose slowed things down so it’s easier for you to follow along. Make sure you keep your wrist loose and strum the strings steadily.

If you have any specific questions as you start learning to play ‘Always where I need to be’ by the Kooks on your guitar, let me know.


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