How To Play 500 Miles Away From Home On Guitar

500 Miles Away From Home Guitar ChordsAlright, I’m on a roll here. In today’s free video tutorial, I will show you how to play ‘500 Miles Away From Home’ on guitar. In addition to the video, I also prepared a worksheet with the chords and lyrics for you. Now there are a lot of different versions of this song. I chose one that is very simple learn. We neither need a capo nor any bar-chords. I know you hate these two things!

So, I think what you’re about to see is pretty close to the ‘Peter, Paul and Mary’ version of this super popular tune. I just changed a couple of chords around. Also, I will actually show you three different ways to play ‘500 Miles Away From Home’ on guitar. In the first one, we will start off with very simple down strokes, following a straight forward rhythmic pattern.

What we cover in the second part is a little bit more challenging, as we use a finger-picking pattern. However, I would still encourage you to give it a try because this song just lends itself to do a little bit of picking. Feel free to mix things up a little bit, you don’t have to follow my lead exactly note for note.

In the last section of the tutorial I show you another strumming pattern, which adds just a little bit more color when playing this song. It’s a combination of using half and full down strokes, with full up strokes. Sounds weird, I know, but just watch the lesson and it will become clear.

Here is the video tutorial to ‘How to play 500 miles away from home’ on guitar:

As usual, keeping a steady beat is key. This is a slow song, so if you practice with the help of a metronome, set it to a low pace. Now, as I mentioned before, you don’t need a capo – with that being said, you can certainly use one if you prefer to do so. If you want to do that, try it by putting the capo in the third fret.

Alright, last but not least, here is a link to the ‘500 Miles Away Guitar Chords with Lyrics” that you can download and print out.

Hope you liked this tutorial – see you next time.

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