How To Do A Hammer-On On Guitar

How To Play A Hammer-On On Guitar
The Opposite Of A Pull-Off: A Hammer On

Yesterday, we discussed how to do a pull off on guitar. So for today’s tutorial it only seems to be perfectly logical to look into how to do a hammer on on guitar. If you wanted to keep it real simple, I guess you could say that a hammer-on is the exact opposite to a pull-off. And just to close the loop, when we speak of “hammering” it is usually a fast sequence of alternating hammer-ons and pull-offs. Confused? Well, I hope the video below will provide a little bit more clarity.

A hammer-on consists of two notes. You start with the lower one and ‘hammer’ into the higher one. Like demonstrated in the video, this technique can be used with and open string, two notes played by two different fingers on the same string, as well as part of adding a different color to a guitar chord. Technically, it is really not that complicated to do, however, especially guitar beginners need to pay attention to making sure that they use enough power to play the second note with enough juice.

We will not discuss ‘tapping’ today – I will put another video tutorial together for that at a later point. However, tapping is essentially a form of playing hammer-ons/hammering, too.


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