How To Become An Air Guitar God At The Air Guitar World Championships

Air Guitar GodYou think it’s a joke, right? Think again, because this is serious, very serious in fact. At least when you ask the judges whose verdict may send you either straight to Hades or the Heavens of the guitar after-world. So how can you become the next Air Guitar God?

Well, first off, you should seriously consider signing-up for the annual Air Guitar World Championship, hosted in Oulu, Finland. What about the competition? There is plenty, so be prepared. You’re looking at approximately 10,000 other ambitious air guitar heads – actually I think they like to be referred to as ‘airheads’ – who are eager to claim the title and are ready to do just about anything to knock you out.

According to Hanna Jakku, one of the spectacles initiators, the whole thing started more or less as a lark. Those days are over, though, because the event has evolved to something big, commercially as well as reputation – wise. Also, in order to have realistic shot at the Air Guitar God title, you need to practice and come well prepared. Your performance will get judged and evaluated against your stage presence and “technical skills”. Yes, technical skills. So does that mean you actually need to know how to play a real guitar? Not really, but it will undoubtedly help you as both the jury and audience will keep an eye on what you do on the imaginary fret-board. Ultimately, though, it’s the overall package and your ability to execute showmanship and rock star attitude. And, well, convincing everybody that you and you only deserve the crown.

Aside from earning everybody’s respect and praise, winning the Air Guitar World Championship can come with additional economic benefits such as contracts with sponsors or – mostly rather short lived – online fame. But getting some extra gigs that pay well, even just for a little while, can be a nice side effect of being an Air Guitar God.

So if you think you got what it takes to enter next year’s competition, then I encourage you to check out the official Air Guitar World Championship website and familiarize with the formalities. I personally will likely refrain from doing that, because I just can’t fathom pretending playing on an instrument that doesn’t physically exists. Secondly, I have zero showmanship skills. But hey, this thing might be just for you and even if you don’t plan on entering the contest, check out their site. They did a nice job and after all, the mission behind the whole thing is to promote World Peace. And that alone deserves recognition, so stop by there and see what they have to offer.


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