How Many Guitars Do I Need?

How Many Guitars Do You Need?Hah, one can never have enough guitars, right? But seriously, this is a question I get asked quite frequently: How many guitars do I need? The straight forward answer is fairly simple. Because in order to learn to play the guitar, all you need is one instrument.

When I started on the guitar, all I had was a cheap classical acoustic guitar that someone gave me. In order to learn the first chords and scales, that instrument was totally fine. And I think it actually took me a couple of years before I bought my second guitar.

Especially beginners wonder if they should get themselves more than one guitar. Like one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar. I personally don’t think that’s a good idea. That might sound strange coming from someone who has 15 guitars (if my ‘headcount’ is correct), but here is the reason: when you start with the guitar, you will have to adjust your fingers, hands, body, etc. That takes time and is not easy, no matter how talented you are. And the fact is, it is much easier to get used to one instrument as opposed to two or more. Guitars are different. If you compare a standard neck of an electric guitar to the neck of an acoustic, they differ in thickness, width and playability. For a guitar starter, making these adjustments to each instruments can get very difficult.

Now, after you have a few months under your belt, it’s a different story. By then you will likely have developed a good level of dexterity and flexibility. Therefore, it will be much easier to handle more than one guitar.

So, in sum: how many guitars do you need? One is the answer, at least in the beginning. Well, as a matter of fact – if we’re really pedantic – you only NEED one guitar to make music. But very likely, if you stick with it, you will end up with more axes over course of time. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

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