How Blues Guitar Changed His Life With Autism

Blues Guitar Autism HelpNot the best title, I realize that. But nonetheless, this is not about my deficiencies in grammar, but rather regarding a young man with autism – his name is Zayne Harshaw – and his passion for blues guitar. And how that passion changed his life to the better.

Gwen Harshaw explained to the Columbus Dispatch in an interview that she can’t believe her son’s transformation. He used to be introvert and withdrawn. But not anymore. Everything changed after he got his first guitar and he cites the video game “Guitar Hero” as his inspiration to pick up a real guitar. Against all odds and the expectations of his parents, medical care givers and others, Zayne took to it and stuck with it. While he hasn’t been playing seriously for all that long, he made fabulous progress and his now a regular at concerts and gigs in the Columbus area.

Getting unwavering support from his parents and his Blues mentor Dock Adams, Zayne is scheduled to play at the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival this coming weekend.

I encourage you to read the full article here. It’s a nice story which exemplifies the therapeutic aspect of learning and playing an instrument.

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