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Guitar Pee
Be Creative: Make Music In The Bathroom With The Guitar Urinal

Yes, that’s right. Music, sweet music, everywhere you go. Even when it’s time to hit the bathroom to release all the booze, there’s always an opportunity to turn bodily wastes into something productive. The Billboard magazine had the ingenious idea to install several Guitar Pee Urinals in clubs and bars in and around Brazil’s Sao Paolo. I would really like to find out more about the work climate at Billboard’s, I’m not sure if I’d propose something like that at my work place, it would go over too well.

But anyway, how does the Guitar Urinal work? Well, there are basically six strings placed inside the urinal and every time your pee hits a string, a pre-recorded guitar sound is being generated and blasted right into your face (not the pee, just the sound..).

Which begs the question: when will we get to see the world’s first guitar urinal battle? Oh, also, how do you actually clean these things and more importantly, do the strings get out of tune after a while….? I can’t answer any of this, but feel free to hop over to the official Guitar Urinal website.


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