Guitar Strings Names And How To Remember Them

Alright, as a beginner you will also have to get familiar with the guitar strings names. Otherwise you will obviously run into issues interpreting what is meant when somebody for instance tells you to “put your ring finger on the D-String of the third fret”. Here is a picture I took of one of my guitars; I added the names of the strings to make it clear what each individual one is called.

Names Of Guitar Strings

As you can see, there are actually two E-Strings and that can sometimes get a little confusing. But usually people use the term “low E-String”, that’s the thickest one, and “high E-String”, which is the thinnest of all guitar strings. Occasionally, especially in some older guitar books, you will find the terms “E String” and “e String”. The former one is capitalized and refers to the low E-String, the latter one – with the non-capitalized “e” – to the high E-String accordingly.

When you look online, there are hundreds of ways to remember the guitar strings notes names. Usually people make up a sentence in which the order of the words’ first letters represent the name of the strings – here is an example:

E-String: Eagerness
A-String: And
D-String: Dedication
G-String: Guarantee
B-String: Brilliant
E-String: Endresults

That’s a lousy sentence but it works. I always encourage my students to make up their own, that way they are more likely to remember it – well, at least in most cases. 😉


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