Guitar Names Of The Guitar Gods

Guitar Names Of The Guitar GodsI’m careful when it comes to discussing ‘Guitar Gods’, because as to whether or not one feels that XYZ is a ‘Guitar God’ is rather arbitrary and subjective. A less controversial subject is the matter of ‘Guitar Names’. So, leaving divinity aspect out of the discussion, let’s see how some of the most renowned guitarists named their axes.

Ah, I think that one I had heard at some point. At its core merely a ‘classic’ Fender Stratocaster, Eddie VanHalen took it upon himself turning this guitar into one of the most recognizable instruments in Rock Music. Fan or not, I think everybody would immediately recognize Eddie’s ‘FrankenStrat’.

Staying with the Stratocaster family, Eric Clapton’s first guitar was aptly named ‘Brownie’ for its color. But it was actually its successor ‘Blacky’ that eventually surpassed ‘Brownie’ in terms of acclaim.

Well, moving on to my favorite, Mr. Tony Iommi and the Gibson SG. Built by John Diggins out of kitchen furniture – at least in part – Tony ended up with his now retired ‘Old Boy’.

‘Micawber’ is the name of Keith Richard’s all-time favorite Fender Telecaster, a 1953 beauty, with for the better part was played with 5 strings only.

As a person who never really got into Queen (yes, shame on me), I was surprised to earn about the history of Brian May’s weapon of choice. Who knew there’s a whole book dedicated to his guitar that goes by three names: ‘Red Special’, ‘Fireplace’ and ‘Old Lady’.

Yngwie Malmsteen is synonymous for Fender and of course, Seymour Duncan. His guitar, affectionately named ‘The Duck’, is a testament his ever evolving question in finding the perfect tone.

Beat up, gritty and raw, yet so beautiful and unique – I’m talking about Stevie Ray Vaughn’s music and his signature Fender named ‘Number One’ and sometimes also referred to as ‘First Wife’.

B. B. King! What a genius and what a loss. And even some non-guitar players know the name of his favorite lady, the gorgeous ‘Lucille’, a Gibson ES-355.

I can barely handle one neck! Well, more talented individuals have no problems fiddling on and across five of them. Therefore, it’s only logical that he calls his ’81 Hamer ‘Ol’ 5-neck’.

Lastly, probably equally as recognizable among fans and aficionados is Zakk Wylde’s ‘Bullseye’. Oh, wait, the guitar with the circle-theme is actually called ‘The Grail’. Wow, I just learned something.

Anyway, a much more in-depth and eloquently written article about the Guitar Gods and Guitar Names can be found on the VH1 website. Check it out. And leave a comment with the name of your guitars below. I want to know what kind of guitar names you guys came up with.

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