Guitar Legend Henry McCullough Dead

henry mccullough paul mccartneyI don’t know a lot about him, but I certainly remembered his name when I read about the death of ex-Wings guitarist and Paul McCartney collaborator  Henry McCullough. He is know for his contributions to the famous James Bond theme “Live and Let Die” as well as his chart topper “My Love”. But Sir Paul was not the only one McCullough worked with since he started his journey as a full time musician. Other business great including Joe Cocker, Donovan and Marianne Faithful, just to name a few, are among the renowned colleagues he made and recorded music with.

McCartney was full of praise earlier this week when he alluded to the fact that McCullough made up the solo to My Love ‘on the spot’ while playing together with a live orchestra. That’s pretty remarkable, isn’t it? Paul also pointed out that henry was a pleasure to work with and that he always appreciated his sense of humor. Oh, speaking of humor; you can catch a glimpse of that when listening to his contributions to Pink Floyd’s “Money”.

As confirmed by his agent, McCullough died peacefully at home in Ballymoney, aged 72. Apparently, as a result of lingering issues from a heart attack he had suffered a few years ago.

Read the full article in the Belfast Telegraph here.

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