Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram

If I recall correctly, a regular piano has 88 keys. So, how does that compare to the guitar fretboard notes? Well, this is probably not an ideal analogy, but anyway, for now let’s just look at the first twelve frets of your guitar. You have six strings times twelve frets, that comes to 72 notes – let’s add the open strings, so we get to 78. That’s a lot! Especially, if you want to learn the names of all these notes. Now, I got to be honest here: I don’t know all notes of the guitar fretboard either – on certain strings in certain positions, it takes me a couple of seconds to figure note it is that I am actually playing. I mean, I know how it’s supposed to sound, but I wouldn’t always necessarily know its name right off the bat.

I personally don’t think that it is absolutely necessary to know all the guitar fretboard notes by heart, but I am the first one to admit that it would be actually very helpful, for a whole host of reasons. In a first step, I recommend we look at a diagram that shows us where all these notes are and what they are called.

Guitar Fretboard Diagram

You may want to print this fretboard overview out and keep it handy. Now, take a closer look, you will notice that the notes of the two E-strings (low E-String and high E-String) are identical. That means, if you just memorize all the notes on either one of these strings, you already know one third of all the notes on your guitar fretboard.

Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram
Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram – click to enlarge!

To me, the easiest way to learn notes and their names is by playing (and learning) scales. However, with that being said, there are other methods, one of which I would like to introduce you to.

Learn Guitar Fretboard Notes With A Software

The tool I would recommend to learn all the notes on guitar fretboards in playful, yet effective and comprehensive way is called Advanced FretPro. This training software is available free of charge per instant download. You can purchase a training guide that will help you to use the tool by going through a methodical training program, which I actually highly recommend. The price for the guide is $14.95 and you will get a bunch of goodies in addition, such a loop machine application, a guitar tuner software, a guitar fretboard chart, access to over 30.000 tabs, over 300 guitar lessons, a massive pdf document with hundreds of chord charts etc. So it’s definitely worth the money. However, if you don’t want to get all that, you can use the Advanced FretPro Guitar Fretboard Notes training software without all that and as I said, it’s absolutely free. Here is a video introduction to the tool and below is a banner link that will take you over to the location from where you can download the tool and the other things I just mentioned.

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So in sum, having a guitar fretboard workbook or notes diagram printed out and handy can be very helpful. However, the more effective way to learn all the notes on a guitar fretboard is by getting some sort of guidance, and in my personal opinion, the Advanced FretPro tool is a perfect means to achieve exactly that.


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