Guitar Lesson 8 – Plectrum Exercises

>>>Link to Lesson 8 Worksheet<<<

Alright, how’s your wrist doing? I hope you kept it loose and relaxed. As described in the video, today we are not only going to do some more in depth playing exercises with the plectrum, but we also learn a new strumming technique, combining downstrokes with upstrokes.

It is very important that when you are playing a downstroke the tip of your pick points upwards – and as you play an upstroke, it has to point downwards. Again, keeping your wrist relaxed and flexible is of utmost importance as you apply this strumming technique.

Also, as you practice, start counting out loud the numbers and the “and” in between them. This can be of tremendous help when trying to play along with a steady beat. Oh, speaking of a steady beat – are you still using the metronome? If not, then please make sure that you go back and re-do the previous couple of lessons as well as this one with the use of a metronome! Start slowly and gradually increase the pace…I know, you heard me saying that before, right? 😉

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