Guitar Lesson 5 – Song: Bad Moon Rising

>>>Link to Lesson 5 Worksheet<<<

Alright, thank you very much for being patient and holding out until Lesson 5 to learn your first song on the guitar. There is no particular reason why I picked this tune specifically. However, it’s perfect because is uses three of the guitar chords we are already familiar with. And it is very popular so I would think most of us have heard it already at some point. But in case you need to listen to it before you can start playing, here is a link. So take your time and listen to it a few times before you get started.

As you practice this song, make sure you start out slowly. Do not attempt to play along with the original version because at this point it might just be a little to fast for you. To begin, look at your worksheet and learn the chord progression (the sequence of the chords) and make sure that you can play them relatively fluently. Then use a metronome at a very slow pace which you can then gradually increase as you get more solid.

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