Guitar Lesson 4 – A-Major Chord and G-Major Chord

>>>Link to Lesson 4 Worksheet<<<

So, are you ready to practice these new chords now? Great, then just open up the Worksheet and you are ready to go. Keep in mind to play those chords slowly. Once you feel comfortable, use a metronome and start at a slow pace (like 60 beat per minute), then increase the speed gradually.

Remember what I told you in the beginning: it all comes down now to your quality of practice. The more you stay focused, the faster you will learn. That’s almost guaranteed. So blank out everything around you while you practice your guitar. Try to put in 60 minutes per day, if you can, break them up into 2-3 separate units. But no matter what, you do have to practice a minimum of 20 minutes per day!

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