Guitar Lesson 2 – Introduction to the Guitar

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Alright, here is a summary of what we just discussed in the video.

Where to get a guitar from?

The straight forward answer is: if you can, just borrow one to get started. That’s perfectly fine and that’s as a matter of fact how most of my guitar students got going. If you however feel more comfortable to buy an instrument, then you could either go to a local music store or buy one online. The classical guitar I showed you in the video would be my personal recommendation for a guitar beginner. It is a very solid instrument, comes with all the accessories you need to get started and all that a a very reasonable price. Here is a link to buy this guitar, the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package, one of the bestsellers.

What type of guitar should I get?

Again, my recommendation would be a classical guitar just because it is a little easier on your fingers. But as I said in the video, if you have your heart set on an electrical guitar or a western guitar, that’s not a deal breaker.

What are the individual parts of a guitar called?

The best way to answer this question is to look at an image:

Parts of a guitar

What are the names of the guitar strings?

Here is another picture. In addition to that you may want to read one of my posts where I talk about the individual guitar strings and a way to remember their names.

How should I clean my guitar?

Do never ever use aggressive detergents as this could damage your instrument. Lukewarm water and a cloth or clean rag will do just fine – and for a thorough cleaning, I have been using Murphy Oil Soap Multi-Use Wood Cleaner with Orange Oil for many years. It does a good job cleaning the instrument without me having to worry about that it might damage anything. Here is also another link to a video where I talk in more detail about cleaning the guitar.

What accessories do I need?

There’s an abundance of guitar accessories out there. Most of those you don’t need, though, because they are merely knick-knacks at best. However, there are a few devices that you should definitely get your hands on. Those are essential, not only for this guitar course, but in general for you as a player. On the right hand side of this page you will see the “Guitar Shop” in case you want to purchase these accessories. Here is a list of the things you need:

  1. Guitar Picks: get more than one, because these little things always get lost. They come in different flexibility levels (heavy, medium, soft). You need to try out for yourself which ones you like most. In the beginning, though, I think you should start with ‘medium’ and then take it from there.
  2. Guitar Strings: they break from time to time, there’s nothing you can do about it. So get yourself an extra set of strings, just in case.
  3. Metronome: this is a must have. Of course, you can also use an online-metronome; a link is on the right side of this page. But I strongly recommend that you also get yourself a real device so you can use is when you don’t have access to a computer. This is just way more practical.
  4. Capo: I want you to get used to the capo as soon as possible. It allows you to do so much more on your guitar and is therefore something you should definitely put on your list of mandatory accessories.
  5. Guitar Tuner: get yourself an inexpensive clip-on guitar tuner. Again, just look at the “Guitar Shop” on the right side and I listed a few for you that are working great for very little money.

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