Guitar Lesson 2.5 – Tuning A Guitar

Tuning your guitar can be a little bit of a struggle especially in the beginning. I personally went through a lot of broken strings because I ‘overtuned’. Therefore, and in order for you to avoid running into the same issue, as mentioned in the video lesson, always tune your strings from below up to the right tone. With the tuning devices that are available nowadays all this has become much easier. Below are a bunch of tuners that I either personally own or have tested at some point. All of which are working great, some are rather basic, others come with a few more bells and whistles.

Now, of course, in order to know how to tune the individual strings you will need to know their names – because their names will tell you which tone they need to get tuned into.

Names Of Guitar Strings

When you tune your guitar, take your time and don’t rush. Also keep in mind, new strings need time to settle. When you put new strings on your guitar, you will likely have to re-tune them over the first couple of days until they hold the tone. In addition to that, a change in temperature or humidity can too have an impact on the strings. That’s normal and just part of playing the guitar. A mentioned here are is one specific guitar tuner model, the Snark Clip-On tuner that I’ve been using for years (you’ve probably seen it in many of my videos) and which I can highly recommend. It is super cheap and works like a charm. Click on the image below for more details:

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