Guitar Lesson 18 – A7 Chord and Song: Jingle Bells

>>>Link to Lesson 18 Worksheet<<<

Ready for Christmas? Well, you should get least one Christmas song under your belt. So for this lesson I picked Jingle Bells, fairly easy to play on guitar. All you need is one additional chord, the A7.

Now on that note, there are several different ways to play the A7 Chord. In the video lesson I only show you the one which is commonly perceived as the easiest method. You actually only need two fingers for the A7 chord. It is important to note that it doesn’t really matter which fingers you use in order to play that chord. Most commonly you will see guitarists using their index finger on the D-String and their middle finger on the B-String – however, you could also use your ring-finger instead. It doesn’t matter, whatever is most comfortable to you is fine.

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