Guitar Lesson 16 – Song: House Of The Rising Sun

>>>Link to Lesson 16 Worksheet<<<

And there you have it. You are now at the point where all guitar beginners get to sooner or later: they will learn how to play ‘House of the rising sun’ on guitar. This song is practically in all guitar learning books. I actually don’t know why that’s the case, but anyway, the fact of the matter is: it’s a catchy tune and it will allow us to elegantly incorporate the F-Chord. Yes, that’s right, that’s the guitar chord I’ve been torturing you with for the past two lessons. But now everything is coming together, you will see – all your efforts have not been in vain, because from here on out, we will be using the F-Major guitar chord more often.

Alright, chord for ‘House of the rising sun’ are all known to you by now. You will need an A-Minor, C-Major, D-Major, F-Major and E7 (or alternatively E-Major). Nothing dramatic, except for the fact that you will not have to use the F-Major chord in an actual song. The good news is: if you did your homework over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been practicing the very same chord progression needed for ‘House of the rising sun’ already. Did you use the worksheet I gave you for lessons #14 and #15? If you did, you should be in good shape now – well, that is, if you actually did something with the sheets other than just looking at them..;-)

Okay, we will take things very slowly in this lesson. But when you’re done with everything, you should be able to play ‘House of the rising sun’ in a couple of different ways. At first, we will focus on an easy way to play this tune on guitar by using rhythmic down-strokes only. Later on we will be incorporating a combination of down- and up-strokes. And in a few lessons from now we will come back to this song and learn a ‘House of the rising sun’ guitar fingerpicking technique.

As usual, print out the worksheet for practicing purposes. Then watch the video and follow along with my instructions.

At this point I want you to know that you actually achieved a major milestone. You came a VERY long way compared to where you were a few lessons ago. This is something you should be proud of. Again, it doesn’t matter if things don’t sound perfect at this point. I realize all the challenges you are dealing with, even the best guitarists in the world have been there and done that. Just keep pushing forward and you will see that things will be getting easier over course of time.

Nice job!

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