Guitar Lesson 13 – F-Major Chord

>>>Link to Lesson 13 Worksheet<<<


Okay, it’s important now that you stay focused. I know that there are many guitar courses out there that do not cover the F-Major Chord. However, that to me is like telling a student driver to make three right turns in order to avoid the more challenging left turn. Would that make sense to you? No, of course not. I want to to view the F-Major Chord as an opportunity to broaden the spectrum of what you will be able to play on your guitar exponentially. This particular finger position, which can be easily shifted into any fret of your guitar, will allow you to play so many more songs. And believe me, ALL my students were able to learn it. It all comes down to practicing, so please look at your worksheet and for the next week or two, I want you to go through all exercises listed there at least one time a day. After that you can do other things, like playing the songs we learned, etc. But I want you to take this serious. So again, every day over the next couple of weeks, play all exercises I outlined on the worksheet.

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