Guitar Lesson 11 – Song: He’s got the whole world in his hands

>>>Link to Lesson 11 Worksheet<<<

Today is a good day for a little treat. You’ve been working very hard over the past few lessons, learning a lot of new chords and playing techniques. As a guitar teacher, I realize that every now and then you have to bring the learning pace down a little bit. So today’s lesson is very easy. We just going to learn a new song that only uses two chords – both of which we know already, the G-Major and the D7.

But be careful, even these so called ‘easy guitar songs’ require practice. So follow the instructions in the video and then practice along with the use of a metronome. Also, while the chords played individually are relatively easy, changing from one to the other requires training and focus. So while I do want you to take it easy today and have fun, you need to make sure that you don’t get sloppy/lazy and let playing mistakes slip in.

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