Beginners Guitar Course – Checkpoint 3

So, are you still practicing guitar on a daily basis, or are you taking things not as serious anymore? As a guitar teacher, I do know that around this time some students start to lose motivation and are less committed to practicing. Of course, it is easier for me to intervene and put a guitar student back on track when I meet with them personally. In the above video I was trying to remind you on why you picked up the guitar in the first place – probably because you like guitar music, right? Therefore, even the sometimes tedious exercise of practicing your instrument is technically nothing but making music. With the right mindset, you can actually enjoy practicing because this is quality time between you and your instrument. Believe it or not, I crave practicing my guitar. Even to this day I look forward to have 20-30 minutes to focus on something new that I want to learn.

It is very important now that you stick to your daily practicing routine to get the most out of this course. You only have a few more lessons left and you already came a long way. Look back and acknowledge what you already learned. Congratulations, you did a fantastic job. Make sure that you are good to go and take your time and revisit some of the older lessons in case you are struggeling with some of the elements that we covered. When you’re confident that you are up to speed with everything, then let’s move on and tackle the last couple of challenges.

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