Beginners Guitar Course – Checkpoint 1

Welcome to Checkpoint 1 of this beginners guitar course. Oh, before I get started, there is no Worksheet for Checkpoints, because those are not really lessons. A checkpoint is a great opportunity for us to recap and revisit what we have learned so far. This will make sure you and I are on the same page before we move on to tackle the next challenges.

Okay, just to briefly summarize what we discussed in the video.

  1. By now you should be able to play six basic guitar chords. E-Minor, D-Major, A-Major, G-Major, C-Major and E-Major.
  2. We learned our first song “Bad Moon Rising” which you should be able to play by now.
  3. You worked through all the worksheets, did all the exercises.
  4. You are familiar with the use of a metronome and you incorporate this device in your daily practicing.
  5. You have fully understood all the content that I’ve been teaching so far.

So, that’s it. Now to be very clear; nobody expects you to do everything perfectly. Some of the chord progressions we’ve been covering are tricky and it would be unreasonable of me to think you can do everything flawlessly. But the point here is that you should be able to do all the exercises and play the one song we learned fluently, even if it’s still at a slow pace. If there’s a chord or chord change you are still struggling with, then please use this opportunity to practice until you feel confident with everything. Put in another week or two, go back and revisit the old content and re-watch the videos – there is no rush here and by the way, this happens to practically all of my students all the time. We go back and focus on the areas where improvement is needed before we take a new hurdle.

With all that being said, most importantly, if there is anything you don’t understand, if you are not motivated anymore, if you struggle with a certain task to a point where you just don’t know how to get past it, then you do need to contact me – NOW. Send me an email, ideally with a video of yourself and explain to me what the problem is. I am here for you and I will make sure that we straighten things out so that you can move on. Don’t be shy, there is no reason for that. The goal here is that you learn to play the guitar and it’s inevitable that you come across a few roadblocks. That’s when you and I need to get together and get those out of your way. Look over to the upper right hand corner, there’s my email. I look forward to your message and I will make sure that you’ll get a response. And by the way, needless to say that I would also love to hear from you if things are going GREAT!

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