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  1. Hello Ulrich,
    I am 77 years young, a retired elementary teacher and I play the guitar. Recently, an 11 year-old girl asked if I would teach her how to play. She had tried video lessons. I agreed to teach her what I know. Never having given formal lessons, I searched the internet and found you, because I want to make sure I get her started correctly and proceed with good continuity. So far, so good — we jive! — right down to regular practice, determination and sore fingers.
    One question I have is how much music theory should I teach? I had piano lessons when I was young, so scales, quarter and eighth notes, key signatures are in my vocabulary. It’s difficult to know how much of this I should teach.
    And by the way, those criticisms/suggestions others gave you are nitpicky. They really had to dig for them. You are very thorough, taking nothing for granted, record and sing wonderfully, generously give of your time and talent — and dress like a cool dude. Thank you very much.
    I find it difficult to get into your website because of all the persistent ads. Do they need to be so intrusive?

    1. Hello Cheryl, I very much appreciate the kind words and feedback. Well, as for the criticism: I agree, you cannot please everyone and while some folks appreciate the rather slow pace in my lessons, others find them way too long, etc. In hindsight, now that the course is almost 10 years old, there are about a million things that I could have done better.
      Let me check on those ads, though! I had somebody help me updating my website and she also took care of the ads – I certainly don’t want them to be an annoyance!
      Thanks you!

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