Great Lefty Live Forever Tony Iommi Tribute CD Review

Great Lefty Live Forever ReviewAs I explained in the video, I am usually a little weary when I hear the term “Tribute band” or “Tribute CD”. Especially in conjunction with my all time favorite guitarist, Tony Iommi. So, with some initial reluctance and skepticism, I nonetheless decided to give it a shot and purchased my copy of the Great Lefty Live Forever Tony Iommi Tribute CD. After all, Tony asked me to do so, hence I did. Well, he didn’t just asked me, but all of his fans. Anyway….

The idea behind this project was to get bands and artists together who in some way, shape or form got influenced by Tony’s playing and ask them to contribute to a Tony Iommi tribute album. The proceeds will go to a good cause, namely the Macmillian Cancer Support group in the UK.

I really like this double CD. Despite my hesitation, the Great Lefty bands all delivered. Of course, as we most albums, there are some tracks that I like more than others. Therefore, let me point out a couple of my personal highlights you can find on this tribute to Tony Iommi, known as the Godfather of Metal!

First of all, Mario Parga with his version of Scarlet Pimpernel is absolutely ridiculous. And I mean that in the most positive sense. It’s brilliant. A perfect guitar arrangement, everything just fits. For those of you who know me, I’m really not into shredding. And while this version features some shreddy parts, it’s totally fine, because it fits. So go and check that out.

Secondly, “You won’t change me” by Place of Skulls. I am a massive Victor Griffin fan. I love his style, which is obviously heavily influenced by Tony Iommi. So, that’s another winner right there.
And there is Phil Jake with “Behind the Wall of Sleep” one of my absolute Black Sabbath favorites. And while his fingerstyle guitar approach is very different from the original version, he nailed it big time. That track alone is worth your money!

Speaking of tracks, here is the Great Lefty Live Forever Track List:

Disc 1:
01- Daria Mollo featuring Mark Boals – Never say die
02- Maniac Rise – Time is mine
03- Kyle Cousins – Heaven and Hell
04- Mario Parga – Scarlet Pimpernel
05- Children of the Gravy – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
06- Ironlung featuring Wizard of Ozz – Electric Funeral
07- Tanzan Music Academy – Neon Knights
08- Nick Didkovsky – Orchid
09- Darking – Law Maker
10- Into the Void – Loner

Disc 2:

01- Rekuiem – Paranoid
02- Place of Skulls featuring Victor Griffin – You won’t change me
03- Black Sabath Dio Tribute CZ – I
04- Phil Jakes – Behind the wall of sleep
05- Giuntini featuring Tony Martin – Anno Mundi
06- Tony Reed – Live Forever
07- Kill van Kull – No stranger to love
08- Aplanadora featuring Santiago Cabakian – Hole in the Sky
09- Blood Sabbath – Snowblind
10- Phenomena – The Wizard

Also, really nice cover artwork on the Great Lefty CD, it would make a great poster. Lastly, the booklet features a great foreword by Martin M. Jacobsen, Ph.D. with an almost philosophical write-up on Tony’s work as a composer and guitar player.

So, enough said. Go and get yourself a copy of the “Great Lefty – Live Forever” CD. Great Tony Iommi tribute album and you will be supporting a good cause.

2 thoughts on “Great Lefty Live Forever Tony Iommi Tribute CD Review”

  1. Hello Dieter Ulrich!
    I’m Rosie Piergiorgi,  one of the co producers of Great Lefty tribute album to Tony Iommi.  Mario Parga, one of the participants,  sent me your review and the video. Thank you very much for attention and kind words about the album. So very happy you loved it! I shared your review all around on Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath online communities. It’s really awesome.  
    Your blog rocks! Bloody brilliant! 
    Cheers!  \\m//

    1. Hi Rosie,

      Wow, that coming from you means a lot. I know who you are, Rosie. I think while we all love and adore Tony, you are undoubtedly the “ultimate Tony Superfan”. I always admired your engagement and support of him. And frankly, I’m a little bit embarrased now, because I feel I should have known that you co-produced this album. I knew that you had something to do with it, but I was clear on what it excatly was. So forgive me, I would have otherwise made mention of that in my video review.

      As for the album, what a fantastic tribute. Mario killed it with his version of Scarlet Pimpernel. And the other artist and band did an incredible job, too. It’s a fantastic album and I’m very happy that I got myself a copy. Congratulations to you for pulling it off!

      So, thanks a lot for stopping by here and leaving a comment, Rosie. I’m truly honored.

      Best wishes.

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