Graveyard: Hisingen Blues Album Review

Hisingen Blues by GraveyardWell, what can I say, Hisingen Blues by Graveyard is one of the strongest records I ever heard, by any band, ever. The quality of the tracks as well as the musicianship is brilliant.

In essence, Graveyard Hisingen Blues sounds like the band decided to categorically ignore that we are not in the 21st century. They sound like finest 1970s heavy blues hard rock. Some say that Hisingen Blues is a psychedelic rock album. Well, maybe that’s true to some extent. But I think that the whole sound is deeply rooted in blues rock, and then here and there were some additional flavors put into the mix. But either way, Graveyard sounds authentic. I know they are often being asked if they try to sound like many 70s rock bands and they consistently state that this is just a logical consequence of them making music, rather than a deliberate effort of trying to sound like something or someone in particular.

Here is my short Graveyard Hisingen Blues Review in video format:

Anyway, I can only highly recommend Hisingen Blues by Graveyeard. There is not a dull moment on this CD. Check it out.

Here is the Hisingen Blues Graveyard tracklist:

1. Ain’t fit to live here
2. No good, Mr. Holden
3. Hisingen Blues
4. Uncomfortably Numb
5. Buying Truth
6. Longing
7. Ungrateful are the dead
8. RSS
9. The Siren
10. Cooking brew

Graveyard are:

Joakim Nilsson: vocals and guitar
Rikard Edlund: bass
Axel Sjoerberg: drums
Jonatan Larocca Ramm: guitar

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