Good Guitar Songs For Beginners

Good Guitar Songs For BeginnersThat’s another one of those questions which are not really easy to answer. We all probably have a completely different understanding of what good guitar songs are, since we all have our own personal preferences. But in the video below I was trying to answer the question coming from a different angle. There a whole bunch of songs which can be played without you having to spend years of practicing. These songs use what I would consider rather basic guitar chords. You may already know how to play them.

If not then I can either offer you to take the Beginners Guitar Course where we cover a whole list of good guitar songs for beginners, or if you feel that you don’t need a proper introduction to the instrument and a guided program in which I show you everything step by step in video lessons and worksheets, you can sign-up for the Guitar Chordbank which is completely free of charge. Once you created your account, you will get access to the immediate access to the Chordbank. There you will find all the chords you need to play beginner, intermediate and advanced type of songs.

Good Guitar Songs To Learn For Beginners

Instead of me rambling on, why don’t you sit back and just watch the video below. I will talk about a selection of good beginner songs to learn on guitar, all of which are part of the Beginners Guitar Course.

As I just mentioned in the video, the beginner guitar songs we learn in my course are just a small sample. There are many more tunes that can be played by using basic chords. A good – and free! – resource for finding more good guitar songs to learn for beginners is Chordie. Just search for any song or artist of your choice and the tool usually presents you with a number of options for each song. Pick the one that is consistent with your skill level. Again, it’s completely free of charge and their list keeps growing and growing. Below are a few direct links that will take you straight to the song with the lyrics and chords:


Bad Moon Rising

Jingle Bells

Amazing Grace

Achy Breaky Heart


I hope this helps – let me know of you have any questions and feel free to share any tips regarding good beginner guitar songs in the comment section below.

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