Gibson To Issue Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul Signature Guitar

GuitarIngenuity_NewsI’m going to keep this short since I’m not really familiar with Aerosmith and Joe Perry. So I really can’t make any statements as to whether or not the Gibson Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul Signature Guitar sounds anything like Mr. Perry. However, when you read the feedback from folks who actually had a chance to play this instruments, it’s clear that the overwhelming majority seems to be extremely pleased with Gibson’s new creation. Aside from the unique tone, this model is extremely light when compared to ‘regular’ Les Pauls (if there actually is such a thing as a regular Les Paul…). But of course, it features all the classic elements for which this series is known for across the universe: a wide and thick neck, a warm and natural tone and always ready to kick butt when you start cranking up the volume.

The Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul Signature will be a limited edition and from what I understand there are only 50 copies available which have been aged and hand-singed by Joe, plus 100 guitars without his signature. The price is around $10,000.

Interesting fact: the original guitar model owned by Joe Perry, with the serial number 9-0663, has changed hands many times. A number of fellow guitarists such including Slash, Eric Johnson and Billy Loosigian had claimed temporary ownership before Joe bought it back many years later.

For more information around the Joe Perry 1959 Les Paul Signature Guitar, please visit and click here for a sound sample of VOS version.


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